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Wild Weasel #4

Timeline News: 2:19 Alan Emrich: 12:15 Top solitaire games #6-10: 27:38 Links to items mentioned Three Moves Ahead #351: Weekend of Wargaming Kickstarter for Moscow ’41 VentoNuovo Games Legion Wargames pre-order page Multi-Man Publishing Microgame Design Group Arquebus Operation Dauntless Red Winter Lock ‘n Load free downloadable WW2 demo Lock ‘n Load free downloadable modern […]


My kingdom for a phalanx

“Is anyone in the tabletop space writing critical analysis or is everything still a buying guide?” That question popped up in my Twitter feed* just as I was trying to write an introduction to this latest video. And it’s the same question I asked myself when I first started doing videos. Ever since Internet video […]