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Wild Weasel #6


Intro: 0:58

News: 3:03

Volko Ruhnke and Mark Herman: 12:42

Art design in wargames: 35:44

Links to items mentioned

Inside GMT: Designer Variants – Volko Ruhnke and Mark Herman post proposed changes to the second edition of Fire in the Lake (subject of podcast discussion)

Washington’s War by Mark Herman

Jim Day’s MBT

Fast Action Battles: Golan ’73

A Distant Plain, second printing

No Trumpets, No Drums

NNN3: Nippon, Nukes, & Nationalists

Mrs. Thatcher’s War

Kevin Zucker’s Napoleon’s Quagmire: The Peninsular War, Part II: The Campaign in Extramadura

OSG’s Hanau intro package order page

Worthington Publishing’s Blue & Gray Campaign Series

Conflict of Heroes: Guadalacanal – The Pacific 1942

Legion Wargames pre-order page

Victory Roads by Hexasim

Custoza, Fields of Doom from Europa Simulazioni

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One Response to “Wild Weasel #6”

  1. Bruce:

    Thanks for doing this series. I really enjoy listening to them. My library of games significantly exceeds my ability to memorize rules or find the time to play. However, I always have time to listen to the show on my way home from work. Keep ’em coming.

    If you ever get tired of game lists, you can switch to book lists. “Hell in a Very Small Place” is excellent.

    Thanks again.

    Posted by John Grau | August 15, 2016, 11:17 pm

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