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Wild Weasel #10


News: 2:09

Jack Greene: 13:36

Rules, rules, rules: 32:37

Links to items mentioned

Ironbottom Sound III designed by Jack Greene

Consimworld page for Quarterdeck International, Jack Greene’s company

Bloody Monday from Vento Nuovo Games

Enemy Action: Kharkov announcement on the Consimworld forums

Ted Raicer’s Fall of the Third Reich from Compass Games

N: Napoleonic Wars from White Dog Games

Legion Wargames pre-order page

Horse & Musket: Dawn of an Era from Hollandspiele

Time of Crisis from GMT Games

Patton’s Vanguard and Red Typhoon from Revolution Games

Time of Crisis from GMT Games

Breakout to Paris: Operation Blücher from High Flying Dice Games

Armageddon War from Mark H. Walker’s Flying Pig Games

B-17: Flying Fortress Leader from Dan Verssen Games

Pericles from GMT Games


2 Responses to “Wild Weasel #10”

  1. Great episode! Thank you for putting together a quality podcast with news, interviews, and your perspective on gaming. I’d not known much about Jack Greene’s games, but am giving them a look now…

    Was curious about your comment about C&C Napoleonics. I’m not disagreeing with it, but wonder if you’d be willing to elaborate on which Napoleonic-era games you think are the best… (I know, another list request)…

    Posted by Patrick | May 20, 2017, 8:27 pm
    • Thanks Patrick! regarding Napoleonics, I am not sure there is a good simple tactical Napoleonics game. All I am saying is C&C isn’t it. My feeling is that the system works with ancients because it forces movement upon the players. Movement is what is important in wargames. The effectiveness of Napoleonic ranged combat turns too many C&C: Nap games into a back-and-forth dicefest until one side gets an advantage. That’s not interesting to me, and I don’t think it’s good gaming.

      How complex a Napoleonic game are you willing to play? And what scale?

      Posted by Bruce Geryk | May 21, 2017, 4:31 pm

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