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Geryk Analysis: Rise of Legends

In order to get across today’s game design point, I need to tell you sort of a story. About boardgames. Or more specifically, about a boardgame. I promise it won’t be too long or excessively painful. The whole thing sort of dawned on me while I was playing Rise of Legends, which probably explains why […]

Geryk Analysis: Wargaming

I pulled a bunch of old wargames out of the closet recently. I was cleaning the house and finally decided to see if I could sell some old games that I was never going to play again on eBay. I have boxes and boxes of them, so I was only making a dent, but I […]

Geryk Analysis: Master of Orion 3

Now that the fiasco that is Master of Orion 3 is out, a lot of people seem to be asking how it could possibly have ended up as such a mess. The game is more than just micromanagement Hell – it’s micromanagement Hell where someone else (the AI) does the initial micromanagement and you then […]

Geryk Analysis: Reach for the Stars

The other day on “As It Happens,” I heard the head of some Canadian historical society complain about the latest outrage in Canada, which is apparently the impending desecration of some Canadian pioneer cemetery. But here’s the thing: the cemetery in question is already under a parking lot. Regardless, this guy kept going on and […]

Geryk Analysis: Odium vs. Shadow Watch

A long time ago, back when Quarter to Three was just in its conceptual stage as a comprehensive Majesty cheat/hint site, a couple of turn-based strategy games called Odium and Shadow Watch appeared out of nowhere – and then disappeared just as quickly. Like Keyser Söze. I played both, and have some pretty strong ideas […]