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The Spaces of War II: Desert Fox

If you’re wondering where “The Spaces of War I” is, you should pick up the Player’s Guide to Battle of the Bulge, which is a $0.99 in-app purchase in that remarkable game. Shenandoah is planning a Player’s Guide to Desert Fox. It will have articles like this one. It may seem that the 61 spaces […]


Desert Fox: The first ridge

On 1 July 1942, Gen. Erwin Rommel was at the end of a tenuous supply line with a battle-fatigued army which had nonetheless just chased the Allies out of their last defensive position in western Egypt. The next Allied position was hastily constructed at El Alamein, a remote railway station 150 miles from Cairo. Rommel […]


The Western Desert lives and breathes

When I was young, I’d read about “playtest sessions” at the major boardgame publishers, like SPI and Avalon Hill. I wished I could participate just once in what seemed like a crazy fantasy. I could just imagine what it was like: a luxurious conference room, with plenty of leather recliners, multiple televisions tuned to the […]