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Wild Weasel #10

Timeline News: 2:09 Jack Greene: 13:36 Rules, rules, rules: 32:37 Links to items mentioned Ironbottom Sound III designed by Jack Greene Consimworld page for Quarterdeck International, Jack Greene’s company Bloody Monday from Vento Nuovo Games Enemy Action: Kharkov announcement on the Consimworld forums Ted Raicer’s Fall of the Third Reich from Compass Games N: Napoleonic […]


Wild Weasel #9

Timeline News: 2:29 Harold Buchanan: 16:10 Dogfighting then and now: 38:22 Links to items mentioned Liberty or Death (GMT) – Harold’s game Napoleon’s Quagmire (OSG) War of Liberation I (OSG) Nine Years: War of the Grand Alliance 1688-1697 Hollandspiele LLC (Teutons, Grunwald Swords, An Infamous Traffic, The Scheldt Campaign) Mark H. Walker’s Flying Pig Games […]


Wild Weasel #8



Wild Weasel #7

Timeline News: 2:40 Carl Fung: 15:43 Historical preservation society: 34:37 Links to items mentioned Last Blitzkrieg (MMP) – topic of interview Mark McLaughlin’s War and Peace Age of Napoleon (Mayfair/Phalanx) The Lights Are Going Out (Compass Games) First Minnesota The Lamps Are Going Out AAR (from Boardgamegeek) Jason Matthews’ and Ananda Gupta’s Imperial Struggle (GMT […]

blue thuds reduced

Wild Weasel #6

Timeline Intro: 0:58 News: 3:03 Volko Ruhnke and Mark Herman: 12:42 Art design in wargames: 35:44 Links to items mentioned Inside GMT: Designer Variants – Volko Ruhnke and Mark Herman post proposed changes to the second edition of Fire in the Lake (subject of podcast discussion) Washington’s War by Mark Herman Jim Day’s MBT Fast […]


Wild Weasel #5

Timeline Top Five solitaire wargames: 1:50 News: 10:21 Jeff Komives: 18:58 Twilight and its discontents: 35:57 Links to items mentioned D-Day at Omaha Beach Raid on St. Nazaire Barbarossa Campaign Navajo Wars Where There is Discord Pericles GMT P500 list Ludilog Algeria by Brian Train K & R Games Game Canopy Gamefolio Cajon case on […]


Wild Weasel #4

Timeline News: 2:19 Alan Emrich: 12:15 Top solitaire games #6-10: 27:38 Links to items mentioned Three Moves Ahead #351: Weekend of Wargaming Kickstarter for Moscow ’41 VentoNuovo Games Legion Wargames pre-order page Multi-Man Publishing Microgame Design Group Arquebus Operation Dauntless Red Winter Lock ‘n Load free downloadable WW2 demo Lock ‘n Load free downloadable modern […]


Wild Weasel #3

Timeline News: 1:46 Nick Karp: 11:39 COIN collecting: 27:04 Links to items mentioned Fatal Alliances: The Great War from Compass Games Don’t Tread on Me! from White Dog Games Print and play repository at wargamedownloads.com Bounding Fire Productions China-Burma-India: The Lost Theater from the St. Louis ASL Club Nuts Publishing The Chosin Few from Victory […]


Wild Weasel #2

Timeline News: 6:10 Tom Chick: 14:57 A good map is hard to find: 31:48 Links to items mentioned Sekigahara P500 by GMT Games A good video on Sekigahara by ACoupleofMeeple Holdfast: North Africa 1941-42 Kickstarter Operational Studies Group’s Peninsular War II preorder Europa Simulazioni’s 1813: Napoleon’s Nemesis Decision Games High Flying Dice Games Ironbottom Sound […]


Launch of the Wild Weasel

Timeline News: 6:00 Mark Herman: 18:15 Top Five list: 30:48 Links to items mentioned Kickstarter for Pub Battles: Brandywine GMT Games P500 Legion Wargames One Small Step Games Triumph of Chaos pre-order from Clash of Arms Games Last Stand Games Victory Point Games Multi-Man Publishing C3i Magazine from RBM Studio Zones of Control on Amazon […]