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Wild Weasel #11

Timeline News: 2:33 Travis Hill: 20:27 The legacy of legacy: 45:05 Links to items mentioned Rally in the Valley wargames podcast Low Player Count (Travis’ podcast) Winter Thunder by Brian Train at Tiny Battle Publishing Binh Dinh 69 by Brian Train at One Small Step Games The African Campaign designer signature edition at Compass Games […]


Wild Weasel #10

Timeline News: 2:09 Jack Greene: 13:36 Rules, rules, rules: 32:37 Links to items mentioned Ironbottom Sound III designed by Jack Greene Consimworld page for Quarterdeck International, Jack Greene’s company Bloody Monday from Vento Nuovo Games Enemy Action: Kharkov announcement on the Consimworld forums Ted Raicer’s Fall of the Third Reich from Compass Games N: Napoleonic […]


Wild Weasel #9

Timeline News: 2:29 Harold Buchanan: 16:10 Dogfighting then and now: 38:22 Links to items mentioned Liberty or Death (GMT) – Harold’s game Napoleon’s Quagmire (OSG) War of Liberation I (OSG) Nine Years: War of the Grand Alliance 1688-1697 Hollandspiele LLC (Teutons, Grunwald Swords, An Infamous Traffic, The Scheldt Campaign) Mark H. Walker’s Flying Pig Games […]


Wild Weasel #8



Wild Weasel #7

Timeline News: 2:40 Carl Fung: 15:43 Historical preservation society: 34:37 Links to items mentioned Last Blitzkrieg (MMP) – topic of interview Mark McLaughlin’s War and Peace Age of Napoleon (Mayfair/Phalanx) The Lights Are Going Out (Compass Games) First Minnesota The Lamps Are Going Out AAR (from Boardgamegeek) Jason Matthews’ and Ananda Gupta’s Imperial Struggle (GMT […]

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Wild Weasel #6

Timeline Intro: 0:58 News: 3:03 Volko Ruhnke and Mark Herman: 12:42 Art design in wargames: 35:44 Links to items mentioned Inside GMT: Designer Variants – Volko Ruhnke and Mark Herman post proposed changes to the second edition of Fire in the Lake (subject of podcast discussion) Washington’s War by Mark Herman Jim Day’s MBT Fast […]


Wild Weasel #5

Timeline Top Five solitaire wargames: 1:50 News: 10:21 Jeff Komives: 18:58 Twilight and its discontents: 35:57 Links to items mentioned D-Day at Omaha Beach Raid on St. Nazaire Barbarossa Campaign Navajo Wars Where There is Discord Pericles GMT P500 list Ludilog Algeria by Brian Train K & R Games Game Canopy Gamefolio Cajon case on […]


Wild Weasel #4

Timeline News: 2:19 Alan Emrich: 12:15 Top solitaire games #6-10: 27:38 Links to items mentioned Three Moves Ahead #351: Weekend of Wargaming Kickstarter for Moscow ’41 VentoNuovo Games Legion Wargames pre-order page Multi-Man Publishing Microgame Design Group Arquebus Operation Dauntless Red Winter Lock ‘n Load free downloadable WW2 demo Lock ‘n Load free downloadable modern […]


Wild Weasel #3

Timeline News: 1:46 Nick Karp: 11:39 COIN collecting: 27:04 Links to items mentioned Fatal Alliances: The Great War from Compass Games Don’t Tread on Me! from White Dog Games Print and play repository at wargamedownloads.com Bounding Fire Productions China-Burma-India: The Lost Theater from the St. Louis ASL Club Nuts Publishing The Chosin Few from Victory […]


Wild Weasel #2

Timeline News: 6:10 Tom Chick: 14:57 A good map is hard to find: 31:48 Links to items mentioned Sekigahara P500 by GMT Games A good video on Sekigahara by ACoupleofMeeple Holdfast: North Africa 1941-42 Kickstarter Operational Studies Group’s Peninsular War II preorder Europa Simulazioni’s 1813: Napoleon’s Nemesis Decision Games High Flying Dice Games Ironbottom Sound […]